These days, the word ‘storytelling’ is thrown around a lot as some form of magical power that breathes life into content the moment you speak it. The truth, however, is that storytelling takes a lot of skill and hard work, something I have been developing since a very young age through filmmaking, photography, design and written word.

To try and trace it back, it most likely all kicked off at 13 years of age, when I first picked up a camera. It all started as a hobby, but quickly developed as a passion, and so making daft videos with friends growing up quickly turned into refining the skills that would go on to become my career.

Mostly self-taught, I’ve worked within the creative industry all of my working life. I directed and produced my first feature-length documentary at the age of 16, premiered to an audience at none other than the Tour de France. Praised by leading industry professionals, I have honed my craft by chasing after stories that matter to me.

Over the many years following I have developed my ability to place stories at the very centre of media production to suit a variety of tasks, from business and product marketing, to narrative film. I have developed my own tone of voice, whilst also generating a deep understanding of creating and committing to the tone of others, as well as creating and refining brands from the ground upwards.


Oh, and I have a small dog named Rosie. I love dogs.