Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the FAQ before sending me a message.

Do you shoot in London?

All the time! A quick trip up the M27 and I’ll happily embark on whatever project you have in mind, if you’d like to meet to discuss, drop me a message and I’ll let you know when I’m next in the big city.

Do you produce wedding videos?

I do, but I do it my way. If you’re after someone who will capture every second of your best man’s speech, I have plenty of recommendations. If you want someone who will capture the essence and atmosphere, the smiles and laughter, the tone and spirit of your wedding – I’m your guy.

What equipment do you use?

It goes without saying that the equipment I use depends on the job at hand. I am constantly updating my gear to stay ahead of the curve, offering high-production quality without the associated price tag. If you want to nerd out over what cameras I use, drop me a message, I love that stuff.

Can I do my work experience with you?

It depends. The nature of my work is sporadic, meaning not every day is a clear cut 9 to 5. If filmmaking or photography is a field you wish to experience, I’d love to get you onboard with one of my various projects and guide you through the ins and outs, but this won’t necessarily take up a whole week. Get in touch for more information.

Can we discuss my idea over a coffee?

Absolutely not – I don’t drink coffee. I’ll take a chai tea latte though, and be more than happy to brainstorm any projects, concepts or otherwise you have going on.

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